DaHu Park, Taipei

So, about a week ago, me and my friends are planning to go skating, but the place was booked for a hockey tournament. Since we have no idea where to go, a friend of mine just said, let’s go to DaHu Park(大湖公園).

It is easy to go there, because the MRT have a station that stop right in the park. It is on the brown line of Taipei MRT rail. The park itself was being renovated while we came, so there are not that beautiful, since they cover some places with constructions signs. Even though it was under constructions, it still an amazing place to go. They have the bridge, that shaped like a moon, the one that usually shown on that Chinese romance movie.

they have some docks with a bench so we can just sit and see the lake that full with I don’t know what they called it in English, but in Indonesia we call it Eceng Gondok. On the other side, you can see, still a lake, but across that lake is a normal road and a beautiful mountain.

In the park, people usually just walk around the park, bringing their dogs to walk,  sightseeing a beautiful landscape. I also noticed that there are some people that jog around the park. I think it might be nice once in a while to jog there. Oh, since there are also a fishing spot, you can go fishing there as well. Near the park there are also some hiking trail that you can use.

The neighborhood around the park is also very nice, I noticed that the buildings is quite nice and well maintained. I think it is one of the Upper Class neighborhood here in Taiwan. the road also neat and clean, and it is not to crowded. a nice place to just relax, sit, listen to a good music, read a nice book, while enjoying the fresh air of a mountain.

If you want to have a good relaxing moment in the nature, I think DaHu park is one option to go.

ImageIMG_0446IMG_0482IMG_0497 IMG_0472ImageImage




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