The Warmth of the Blanket.

Who’s here that find their blanket to be the most comfy at the time we should wake!?
Well, I do, and we all know that, in the morning out of the blue we just find our mattress and blanket to be more comfortable than ever!
But I also know some people that keep their blanket on even when the weather isn’t that cold. Myself is one of them. I have this habit, no matter how the weather I used to cover myself with a layer of sheets, it may be a thick blanket or just a thin sheets.
Somehow by using it, I felt protected. It’s like another layer covering me, protecting me from anything outside me while I am asleep. The feeling was nice, and peaceful. I felt less worried when I have something covering myself.
I have no idea what am I worrying about.
I’ve once read this book by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, called ‘Joyful Wisdom’ inside the book there’s a line that said, birth is one of traumatic event in our mind, from being so protected and comfortable inside our mother tummy, we being pushed into the real world. * I have something about it later, maybe on another post* the event makes us unconsciously searching for a safe, peace, and comfortable place for ourselves.
I think based on that I could find why I loved to be covered when I’m asleep. To get the feeling to be protected. I think it’s the same feeling with to have someone on your back. Because you know every time you screwed, they will be there kicking you back to your real life..
Maybe in the future I could be less worried and feel safer. But for know, let me crawl back to my comfortable place.



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