Best Feeling Ever!?

What kind of feeling that you feel the best feeling ever? Some would say To Love, some say To Be Loved. People often answer with that. I do agree with that. But sometimes I think we need more that just felt to be loved. What do we need, I think
To Be Needed.
I don’t know why, but I do think that I kinda want to be needed. Why? Because it could boost my confidences.
Sure it boost your confidence, but don’t they will be a fake one?
Yeah maybe, but don’t they have a phrase that said, ‘fake it till you make it?’ Don’t they also said, ‘a lie often said, could be the truth.’
In my opinion, when I felt to be needed, I felt that I do have something special that makes me different. I do have advantages than others. By having a feeling like that, slowly my confidence will be boosted. But yeah, we have to make sure that, that feeling don’t drive us to be a cocky person. We still have to be humble and realize that not only us that can do it.
By realizing that, we be more aware and deep down will be try to get better, better, and better!
But yeah, just like any other, this is like a two sided sword, because we kinda fake the confidences, if we are not mentally strong, when the fake confidence popped out, we will be felt miserable and somewhat useless. Well, I’ve been there. Luckily I have a good circle that can help me rise again.
Like I said, I’ve been there, and now is kinda my time to be able to humbly accept, that I still have a lot to learn! Yeah, sure it’s hard. Real hard! But like they said, live isn’t easy, is it? Well, I’m gonna try to work it out. But now, until I find another method, I kinda try to fake it till I make it!



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