Excuse Me!

Today I was at an MRT on my way home. Not so far to my station, while sitting, suddenly I heard a shouting, ‘不好意識!’ which means, ‘excuse me!’ I try to find the source of the shout, and it is from a little kid. He crossing the car to the other end, I was wondering, what is he doing? After reach to the end of the car, he walk back to the other side, still shouting, but now he shout ‘Papi!’ Right in front of me and slip jn through the crowd. A while later, he crossing back the car, but now he carrying his ‘Papi’, I’m not sure who is he, maybe hos grandpa, since the kid is looked like a 9 years old, and his ‘papi’ is quite a senior. Anyway, they both crossed the car and then sit at the other side.
So, this little kid is crossing the car to find his ‘papi’ a seat.
It is quite an eye opener. I mean how many of us would do that to our oldman? I remember when I was a little kid, (well never be little though) it was my dad that looking for a seat for me.
Well, maybe our oldman sometimes reject our kind offer, because he want us to get the eat thing, but I’m sure inside they are happy to see their child grow up! That kid kinda remind me to keep doing good deeds, to everybody, especially my oldman.
Thanks Little Buddy!


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