Is It Really Matter?

I’ve been into WongFu Production Shorts, and I just re-watch their web series, Away We Happened. Again. I just love this series.


There are a couple of lines that makes me stop and think. So, I would like to share it here. One of them is,

‘Is it really matter, when you already decided in what you gonna believe?’

The story is Jean and Dan just fight after Dan find a letter that Jean write to his ex, before she met Dan. This and that, Dan found the letter, and they kind of arguing. *go watch the series*

The line has hit me, because I tend to do that. When I decide what I think about something, I tend to stop caring about others. Why? I don’t know maybe it is because something that we called pride, or simply it’s just our self defense mechanism that works when we are kinda mad? Whatever it is, it’s not cool! It’s remind me, to try to stay calm and be neutral. Observe the thing before I make any judgement.

The second line is, 

‘I was weak, and it was hard not to think returning to something comfortable. But when I met you I realized, I just don’t want to be comfortable, I want more than that.’

I was like being hit. Big time! 

I am a person that love my comfort zone so much. Now, being here, far from home it is just like a major change. Completely out of my comfort zone. But, like she said, maybe I have to find something first to make me realize what I really want. i know it is hard to leave the comfort zone, but as the time goes by, I believe that we will getting stronger and we can live where ever we want, without worrying much about our comfort zone. 

Well, this is my journey getting out my comfort zone, to be far from home, far from anything I used to do, a new neighborhood with a different language. living my life here while fighting my desire to crawl back to my comfy place, and grow to be a wiser, better person I can be.


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