Curiosity Killed the Cat

… They say.

Well, I have no idea how this phrase even started, maybe I google it myself later. What intrigued me is, how come some curiosity could harm you? Well, maybe at some point, being curious is good. Then again, there are old saying, everything that excessive isn’t good. So does the curiosity, too much question about something might led you to something that you won’t like.

Me, myself always try to keep myself well informed, but I try to not exaggerating things. or in a simple word, I try to not be so kepo about anything, yes I still like to have a chat, but I try to limit the amount of information, unless the person voluntarily tell the story. I try not to ask a lot about anything that is not my business.

I realize, being well informed is a nice thing, but knowing myself, I try to not really care about others personal stuff. Well, maybe for a friends. A close one to be precise. vice versa, I also not so open about my personal life unless I find the person is trustworthy. I also never try to asked my friends too much about their personal life. I’m sure, if they find me trustworthy enough, they will share, and sometimes there are some things that better left unsaid right.

Well, what can I say is, let’s don’t lose our curiosity, just make sure we still alive after getting some information.




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