Being Dependant

I am not a kind of people that believe the more the merier. I tend to be in my peaceful circle, or go on my own. I am not patient enough to wait for others to deliberating. I also not humble enough to accepting that I am not good enough!

Sounds cocky? Yeah, I know.

I just think that, I could do anything without being so dependant to others. As a communication graduate, I know that human beings are not able to be completely independent, we will always be dependant to others. What we can do is, to make sure that our dependability is not going into a bad way and make people annoyed. Sure, it is nicer to be able things with our own hands, but then again we sometimes need to be dependant to others, they may be your family, colleague, friends, or even your unknown neighbour.
So while we try to be more independent, I think we should also learn to be humble enough and accepting that maybe at some things, we need a help from others.



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