Stop Hitting the Snooze Button

This was the end of my second week here in Taipei, Taiwan. 

It’s been a great ride for me! To get out of my comfort zone, go somewhere else with different language that I only understand a little bit. It surely an eye opener!

I’ve learn a lot! 

I used to be wondering how my friends felt to be far from home in order to study, and now I know. Yes, there are up and downs. But I have to survive it.

I have some thought that, if I stay at Jakarta, I will hitting the snooze button again and again and again, in order to run from the problem. But now, there is no way out. i have to face it. 

It’s been quite a week for me. I kinda have a bad mood. I don’t know why, maybe because I have to be out of my comfort zone, and the defense mechanism is coming out. I felt that everything just gone wrong, and I got stressed.  But then again, this is a part of my journey to grow from a boy to a man.


Now, I can’t hit it anymore. I have to wake up and face the problem. I have to start compromising, and tolerate more! 

Well, as always, while I’m working it here.

Please, Wish Me Luck, Guys! 


One thought on “Stop Hitting the Snooze Button

  1. Again and again and again…
    Wish you a ton of luck, Andy! With all the support from universe and ur belief, you’re gonna get through that! 😉

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