How to practice your patience



There’s a joke in Indonesian that said

Orang Sabar, Badannya Lebar.

Well, if it is really the case, than I am the most patience person I think. 😛
Too bad, I am not.

Working on that though. I am trying to be more patience, getting better a little by little.

In my opinion, there’s a couple way to practice your patience.

1. Finding a parking spot on mall during weekends – If you are able to find a parking spot just right after you enter the parking area, then you are lucky. But how about with the others that not that lucky so they have to going round and around and around and around the mall just to find a parking spot. Well, I’ve been there, and it sucks. When you can stop cursing un the situation, I salute you.

2. Heavy Rain and Traffic Jam – Do I need to say more? The traffic jam alone is already a bad thing, and by adding heavy rain to it, it just got even worse. If one curse can turn into a tree, then I already grown a rainforest.

3. Slow line during a long queue – a slow moving line anywhere, from groceries store, toilet, and restaurant. It’s fine if you want to take your time for some time, IF there are no people waiting behind you. If you still thinking about what to get, then I kindly ask please move over the line first, and decide what you want, before going into cashier.

For now I think that three things are on top of a good practice to make your patience better.
Hopefully I can manage my emotions better and stop cursing when I endure an event like those.



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