What Kind of Support

We all need a support in our life. I don’t think that someone could do anything by themselves. There must be some support behind them. It could be from anywhere. It could be from family, friends, or even some strangers in the street. Because sometimes, we just can’t figure what universe want to do to us.

I have a thought, that support could come in many ways, but what I know for now. There are two kind of support, a nice subtle one, and the hard one.

A nice support is more about the pep talk, giving some courage to do stuff, supporting with some sweet talk, and supportive manners. While the hard one, is the one that looks like a reality bite. A one that look less supportive and discouraging. But in fact both of it are a supporting us, through a different approach.

Are they bad?

Well, I don’t think so. A support mean that anyone is care enough, that they want to spent their time thinking about us. How they say it, will be a different approach for each individuals. There are some people that can be supported with a sweet talk, with some nice approach. While there are also people that prefer a hard way. They need someone to slap them out of they dream and make them face the reality.

There are also a time that people could use any of this support. For me, when you think that you are okay, in a positive way, with a positive attitude, a nice pep talk will do something. But, when things aren’t going that well, and we still living like a dream, then a hard slap will do.

So, what kind of support that you need?


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