How Far Have You Become?

Let’s say that, every people has an ego. The size of the ego is surely different for every person. Then, they are a saying that, Ego could bring you down! Well, sure it is.

Let’s say that, because of that ego, you put yourself into some places, that pretty high, with that Ego, you think that you are good enough for anything. But in fact, you just still a little seed among all the crops. There still a lot to learn, than to be a snob and think that you can do it all things.

Well, I personally think that, at some point, Ego do needed. So we can make what we want to make since the beginning, with less compromise. To be able to do that, the thing that we have to do, is to reduce the Ego inside us, and gaining more experiences.

The problem is, how to reduce it. Well, I have no clue at all. But after a nice talk with my Teacher, he suggesting one thing. Accepting your condition. Don’t think so high about yourself yet. Let’s settle down, figure out where is your actual level. From there, go develop yourself more. So you gain more experiences to do what you want to do at the first place.

By accepting the condition, we will be able to be humble enough to get more and more and more knowledge, and more experiences to do what we want.  By gaining experiences I also think that the Ego will be decreased by itself. By experience it first hand, that make you able to respect more about the job, and stop being a snob.

I’ll try to do that. I am very aware, that I have a big Ego, the thing bigger than my Ego is my appetite, I think. Yes, I aware that I have to put myself in one place that suit me, that still in my reach, that a real target, not some ridiculous dream that I wanted, but put myself in a place that still in my level, which LEAD me into my ridiculous dream.

I do need a change. Just like Mrs. Effie White says, I am Changing. So, let’s we all try to change our self, while we listen to the one and only, Ms. Jennifer Hudson as Mrs. Effie White with…





From The Guy with the Big Ego



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