Knowing Much?

Curiosity killed the cat.

Well, there is a saying like that. But how do the cat get killed? Maybe it’s because they couldn’t handle the information that they finds out. It ended up making their life quite sad, or worse, miserable. But if you happen to be able to handle the information, it could get you to a better place, a better positions perhaps.

How can I think like that?

I just thought, that after we’ve been watching all the movies, hearing all the success stories of so many brilliant people, we tend to have look up to the person or the character (if it happens on a fiction). We started to assume that their life was great. It is so fun to be like them. It is so fun to do what they do. Well, it get us to getting more and more information about anything related, or better we are able to work with the people.

As life goes on, we got more and more information whether we intent to or not. If we are actually want to find it out, then we are usually have known the risk of getting disappointment, that the truth is sometimes different with what we thought, and if they happen to be different we already has some backup plan to it.

But how if we don’t intent to know. That we jump into some work with someone that we admire, or something that we think we love. But ended up it was not how it should be. Well, the smartest thing to do is embrace the fact that not everything is work just like what we want it to. Some bad things happen in real life, and we have to embrace it.

That is easy. In theory…

In real life some people (including me) have some troubles differentiating dreams and reality. I think this is where a friends is needed. They can give you some morale boost, by give you a nice talk or give you just a hard reality slap. But, they will stay and help you out through this situation, until you finally able to take life not as just a dream and started living the hard way.

Sometimes people say that not knowing something is better. Well, maybe it is, but maybe it isn’t.

By knowing things you will be more knowledgeable, even maybe the reality is having a 180 degree difference with your thoughts. Well, we have to embracing the facts that life is not a fairy tale. There will be no easy money. It’s need to be fight for. Then we will be able embracing the true meaning of life.

Maybe it will takes different times for different people to accepting things, but, that’s human. There are nothing certain in this world after all.

All I want to say is, let’s learn more. Find out more. But be sure that you are ready to what you will be facing if things aren’t turned as you like.


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