Act Your Age

I have to agree, very agree with a statement

Age have nothing to do with somebody maturity

It is so easy to see that some older people that act just like a kid, and vice versa.

I actually amaze with them, at one point, it was so nice to have someone could be act so mature in a young age, but on the other point, it was so annoying to see someone old, especially someone that older than ourself act like a kid. To be meaner, a spoiled kids!

Well, it was okay, if they do it once or twice, and they okay when we criticize them. But when they did it all the time, it will be very annoying, and don’t blame the people when, you will be left out. We all have our own problem already. We don’t need anymore problem with your childish attitude. If we couldn’t tell you the soft way, then we have to give you the hard way, and it won’t be nice.

I know there are no one perfect. But, there is people that still want to be better, and there are people that simply just a pain. If you already try to talk to them like an adult, and they keep the attitude, then it’s time to give them the hard way. Treat them like a kid if you will, or simply just go away if you are really sick with it. Like my previous post, it was necessary to be a little bit selfish, if we try to make everyone happy, then you will live an unhappy life.

I don’t know how others, but I do want to be happy.

Maybe it is time for me to think a little bit more for myself.


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