Well, Hello Diva!

Recently, I just watched Dreamgirls. Well, the reason is simple, I just love Jennifer Hudson. After finished the movie,  I just fell more with Jennifer Hudson, she is amazing.

The movie has give me some thought though. As long as I love Jennifer Hudson, Ms. Effie White does get into my nerve. Her diva attitude is a pain in the ass. Acting up like she’s better than everyone, coming up late and else. Yeah, she’s got the voice, but that makes her be selfish and cocky. Until she hit the road and then she’s decide to start changing her attitude.

Do you have met someone with Ms. Effie White attitude in your life?

I do.

Yeah, they are getting into my nerves. Not exactly like Ms. White, but there are several people that just want to be served. They think that they are in the spotlight, and everybody should work around them, yet we all share the same position.

What will you do to them?

I actually just want to kick or hit them, and then make them realize, that world doesn’t revolve around them. Make them start working their ass just like anybody else. Come on, you are part of the group let’s work together to get the best out of us.

But, sadly that was a primitive act, that can be tolerable only if you are living in the same age with Flinstone. So what I do, well, learning from an experience, just don’t do too much. Help them a bit, but don’t work it all by yourself. We can guide them to do it, if they don’t know how to do it. If they are just simply don’t want to do it, well, maybe a good kick is necessary. But be sure that you use an elegant kick, not that primitive that put your feet to their body. Maybe a little sharp word could do something.

This kind of people will hit a wall eventually. The thing is, if they are a good people, they will start to feel that they are need help, and will asking kindly, on how to do things. Or, if they are the type that blame it on the world, we just could hope for them to be better.

So, how you deal with your Diva Colleague.?

Meanwhile you’re thinking, let’s we all hear a song from the Dreamgirls. This one is the one from Tony Awards ’82 with Jennifer Holiday as Effie White.


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