Hachimaki Ramen

Several days ago, When I was wandering around Central Park area, I asked my friend to accompany me to get a diner, and we decide to try Hachimaki Ramen. Located at the ground floor near with Sushi Mori and ATM Mandiri. They offered japanese course, such as ramen, some don, and some japanese dish.

That time we both decided to get some rice instead of ramen. I ordered Katsu Don, with a pork meat, They have chicken meat also. The taste of the katsu don was nice, the meat was tender but nothing more unless, some nori taste, that they sprinkle it generously. The katsu don come with a bowl of miso soup. The miso taste quite good, it is not so salty.


We also order some horenzo to share. Horenzo is a spinach dish, that they served with a lot of sesame. The taste of their Horenzo is not really nice. The sesame is overpowering anything, while the other taste was bland and bitter.


The price for Hachimaki is not so pricey. It cost us around 180 something for three dishes and two cold ocha, which are refillable.


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