Which Doors

There is an old saying,

when one door closed, another will open

Well, I try not to believe it. It is because, I don’t want to get my hopes high and then find myself disappointed. I am not good with disappointment, it could break me. I know it is not a good thing, I have to learn to handling my disappointment. Working on that though.

But as times goes by, as I learn to working with disappointment, I find the old saying is true. I slowly change my mind. I try to be more positive. Of course, some of my experiences does change me. There were several times when I decided to stop doing something, yet another opportunity came. When I finished with one stage of my life, there are other option to leveling myself up.

By that experiences I start to learn, that you don’t need to worrying about everything. Some good things will come to you if you do good. Well, I believe karma does exist, if you do good, you will get good.

Then again, don’t they also said,

Things will happen, when the times is come

So, what we can do is, keep trying as hard as we can. So we are ready when the things is coming.

Let me share a phrase, that myself also keep trying to do it.


Keep believing people!


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