The Song of the Unsung Hero

I always admire the sidekick of the superhero more than the superhero itself.

Yes, I do admire Batman, but I have more respect to Alfred.

In my opinion, the sidekick has a super big heart, supporting the main cast so they can do their job well. Why do I say they have big heart? Because it is not an easy job to support a task, with a big responsibilities, and yet got nothing afterwards. Well, I know we shouldn’t work for praise or anything, but it is nice to get a little acknowledgement for what you have done. It can be a booster for yourself.

For me the appearance of the backstage crew is just as important as the front liner. How can the front liner give so much great performance if they are not getting a great supporting crew?

But sometimes people just does not aware of that, they just see what is on the surface and don’t really care to see deeper. To see how is the performer can get to the point with all the material and performance. For instance, you will not get a great concert with a magnificent lightning works, if there are no lightning crew. Or no matter how great the music, you will not able to hear it nicely if the sound crew couldn’t set up a great sound system for you.

There will be no great performance if there are only the performer and no awesome crew behind it.

This post is dedicated to all the backstage crew that work as hard, or maybe even harder than some performer to put one magnificent show and still can work with a great smile even with a little appreciation from the public.

You Guys Rock!


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