Merica, Kelapa Gading

I just tried Merica, a restaurant at Kelapa Gading, located next to Kacamata Chasiu. They offer a various food, starting from dim sum to steak. The price is as average as this kind of restaurant, around 30k-ish. They open from 10 to 10.

For appetizer I ordered Garlic Bread, consist of 5 slice of bread that grilled over butter. The taste yeah, just like any other garlic bread. I just found that this garlic bread doesn’t grilled with a plenty of butter, so I found it only some crunchy bread with a little buttery taste.

For the main course I decided to go east. I ordered a Curry Fried Rice, on the menu it looks like this menu is recommended, so I ordered it. It came quite dissapointing though for me. I couldn’t find any taste of curry in it. It came with 3 pcs of chicken, and some crackers. The taste itself is to fruity if I may say. They mixed a plenty of fruit with the rice so it taste more like a fruit fried rice, than a curry fried rice.

For the drink I ordered hot teh tarik, well the taste was also average. I find the taste is kinda like a sariwangi tea with a mix of milk.

The place itself is kinda nice. The ambience is so lovely and homey. They even provide a free WiFi! Oh, and they also give a complimentary popcorn for us when we arrived.

Overall, this place is noce, the food was acceptable, and the ambience is very comfy. It could be a place to sit around, reading some books, while nibbling something to make your mouth shut. 🙂






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