Being Objective

Today I’ve held a sharing session with my junior at my college Buddhist Organizations. In one of the session with our lecturer that we invite to be a speaker in this sharing session, he share a story that crossed my mind. he said, he once use some public transport, and some guy with some bad attitude and looks like he wasted by a drink. Then, he start to giving a speech about religion in the public car, and what he said is true.

We could face a situation like that, when sometimes a great advice can come from the least expected person.

The problem is, can we be objective and accepting what they said, which is true, or we can go with our way, just because we don’t want to follow some advice from a specific person.

Can we act objectively by accepting the thoughts that given by some people that looks unreliable, but they actually telling the truth, or we could stay to wait to hear just the same things but came from a person that we think more reliable. But actually both of them have the same point.

Well, for me personally, it quite a hard job to do. I am not the kind of person that easily trusting someone. It makes me not really listening to what people said if I don’t really respect them. But, the key is to try open up more, try to trusting people more, and hopefully it makes you a better person because you can start seeing objectively, and be a better person for you, and the community!

Let’s we all try to see what people say, not who said it!



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