Bakmi Asui – Tanjung Duren

So I was asked to accompany my friend to Rawa Belong to get some flowers. I approved it with a footnote, that he have to pay my breakfast, and yes he did!!
We decided to get someboodles around Tanjung Duren Area, called Bakmi Asui! The place is located inside a neighboorhood and have a pretty wide space for customers. Even maybe some customer have to share table with others. Well, it is a simple noodle place, afterall what to expect.
Well, you can expect more! Since the noodle come with a plenty of chicken topping*customer can select, want a breast or tights* it came with a soup that absolutely enjoyable!! The noodle itself is a kind that came in a big pieces like a mie karet and taste good, not extraordinary, but still a great place to eat. They also serve meatballs and dumplings, and both taste good!
What impressed me the most actually their soup. It has a great taste of chicken, and absolutely delicious!!
For the price I couldnt give a detailed, but total of te bill for 1 big portion noodle, and 1 regular with 3 meatballs and 3 dumplings, cost us around 70.000 rupiah. But from what I thought, it was worth the money! The noodle is great!!




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