Leveling Up!

Have you ever felt a moment when you thought that you are not getting any better?

You felt stuck in the same quality you had for quite some time, and you start to comparing yourself, with your old self.

Well, I actually feel like that right now. I felt I am not getting any better, I thought my quality has decreased. I am just not my old self, and I don’t feel, the changes is a good one. I felt, my quality is getting worse. But, some little chat and a night breeze on the motorbike, makes me think.

Do I getting  worse, or my standard is actually getting higher?

I think I am on the second option. I am not getting worse, but I think I leveled up my standard, so I see myself nit as good as I used to be. Well, for the exact judgement I leave it to the people I ever worked with. But what I felt, after some experiences, I just can’t stand with the same standard, I have to raise my bar.

By raising the bar, well of course the difficulties are getting tougher.  I also have more pressure, and makes me to over think my action, so it won’t cause a big damage, or repeating the same mistakes I did. Of course as a human being we are not completely independent, we have some dependencies with others. Which are not always have the same opinion with us, this could affecting the standard we set. If what we set is too high from their standards, it is possible to be involved in an argument, which is good, it will make us finding new options to develop ourselves.

The problem, sometimes some people are just couldn’t go into an argument, they will try to avoid it. Is it bad for us? Well, if you are an overthinker like me, it is quite bad, it will create some problem that makes ourselves uncomfortable. But, then again all people have their own personalities, and we just have to go with it. Nobody can change their personalities unless themselves. This is the opportunities for overthinker like me, to leveling up one more level, let’s try to be relax, and go with it or like hipster will said, ‘Keep Calm and Life Goes On.’

So, on what level are you?


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