Hear What You Have to Hear, Not What You Want!

Sometimes, we should hear things we don’t want to hear. Even if we hate it, we still have to hear the things.

People usually, hear what they want to hear. I know some several cases that one person mad with another, just because of something they said, and what they said actually true. This one person, let’s called it A hear something from B, and A got offended. Because A have a different opinion, and couldn’t take B’s thought. So, A just go and find someone that have the same opinion.

From the case, we could learn, that sometimes, there people like A does exist. A person that only want to hear what they want to, not what they have to! Well, it is not completely wrong, yes of course, we do enjoy having a friend that have a similar mind with us. But, like we all know, everyone is one unique personality, there will not be an exact one personality in two people, there will be a slight difference.

What we have to do is, accepting the differences. Learn to hear something that outside of our mind. By doing that, we could have more knowledge. We also can start to evaluating ourselves, because from a different thought we heard, we have more option to explore. By hearing other things, we also could find  new things that we never thought we will liked. So, why don’t we start to hear new things, not what we only want to hear.

Why I write this? *you really want to know, or just want to know?* *got hit by a chair*

Well, this is just some random thought, that started to come out because I started to listen some Korean Music and also some TV Soundtrack. Things I never thought I will hear. But, since I try to hear it, I loved it. Right now, I couldn’t stop humming that TV Soundtrack. After a long time being very picky with what I listen to, now I try to embracing new sound to hear. This also should be applied to my life, not only with my music preferences. I have to hear things I have to hear, not what I want to.

Like, there is some minor revision that I have to do with my thesis, even what I want is just go apply for the thesis defense.

Wish Me Luck!


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