Play Strong

Everybody has their weak side, for somebody they’re fine to show it with people, while for the others, they don’t. It’s fine either way. every human being have their own reason for they choice.

Let’s see each type more specific.

The one who like to show they weak side, well I don’t really know what are they thinking. But in my opinion, by showing their weak side. they like setting up a limitation to the world, it’s like an invisible sign with a note ‘hey. I don’t think I can handle it. Don’t give the job to me’ and people will have less expectations for them. even though they’re actually capable of doing it.

While on the other side. they who like to play strong. They will get more priorities to handle some tasks. By playing strong, people will see them and read their invisible sign as ‘hey, let’s make him do the work! I’m sure everything gonna be fine’  and boom, all the expectation are going high and the pressure is sure on! While the person maybe isn’t really capable of doing it.

But, I think it is the risk of playing all strong. People will see you as a some sort of superman that can handle everything, and never felt tired. Then they gonna give you things to do. But even Superman has a weakness. He’s weak to a kryptonite. The same with us, even though we would like to play strong. There will be one kryptonite to break us.

Then, how we handling it? maybe we could just find a way to beat that ‘kryptonite’ maybe with some support from others, or anything else. But actually it is never a crime to finally drop down on something, as long as you fulfill the responsibility, maybe what you have to do is giving up on something. Start to speak that I couldn’t do it. I already have a lot in my book for now. By showing your weak spot, it is not mean that you’re weak. It shows that you are also a human being, and it is normal for a human to feel tired and need to take a break.

Damn, I’m tired. I think I need a nice rest.


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