Three Second Bar

Last week, my friend invite me to try a shabu-shabu restaurant located in Epicentrum Walk, Rasuna. Well, she found a discount voucher from disdus for all you can eat shabu-shabu. Then, what’s the reason to say no! Free food, and it’s an all you can eat. But apparently, the experience wasn’t great. We ended up eating an all you can eat seafood at Piscator Seafood Buffet.

So earlier tonight, after office I go to epiwalk to meet my friends for the shabu-shabu feast! Well, I don’t expect much, since we use a voucher, and sometimes the treatment is different. The first problem was when we asked for a table for four, they look like they don’t like to put more effort servicing to the outdoor area. Well, they’re true that outside was hotter than the inside area, but they gave a reason like, ‘oh, nanti kita repot layaninnya, kalo diluar. Soalnya pake kompor portable’ well, don’t provide such an area then. So we decided to sit in the restaurant area. The seat is actually pretty unique, everyone have their own stove and pot. But I don’t know if they were understaffed or what, the service was sloooow like a cheap internet access! I asked twice just to get our table wiped. Then, when we ordered the menu, there are already a set menu provided for the voucher user. They consist of a bunch of veggies, thinly sliced meatballs, 3 pcs of fish, 3 layer of sliced beef. Well, it took them so looong to send our food out, and so do the utensils. Even my friend have to use his tea spoon to grab his tofu from the pot.

The taste itself, I couldn’t describe it, since I just got a very few. Yes the meat wasn’t bad, but I find the veggies aren’t fresh. And since they took so long to send any utensils other than the chopstick. We decided to go when they give our soup spoon, and when it comes, all the soup is all eaten. And there are no rice. Until I asked, when they finally send the rice, I already has nothing to eat it with, and we already called the bill to pay our drinks. Oh, for the drinks we order the flavored tea, I order the apple tea, and it taste ordinary.

Well, that’s actually my first time to walked out of a restaurant without a complete meal. In my opinion they have to improve the services, and create some sort of SOP since I found that they are a mess in form of coordination.

I don’t think I want to go back there, in my opinion, the food was standard, and the services, I just lost words to describing it. They still have to improve if they want to stay in the business.

Three Second Bar,
Epicentrum Walk, Rasuna, Kuningan


2 thoughts on “Three Second Bar

  1. Klo gw sih da gw kritik abis tuh ndy.. Pelayanan kaya gt ancur banget.. Klo perlu minta penjelasan manager restonya.. Hahahahhaa

    • itu kayanya managernya juga udah ikutan services. ga tau manager ga tau usher sih.. soalnya outfitnya beda sm waitress.. Tapi, itu parah banget lah.. akhirnya makan piscator sama begah.. hahhha..

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