Walk in others shoes

In my not-so-educational observation, I find that human like to judge, or maybe in a softer language to criticize.

There also a lot of phrases that felt so judgmental, like all motorcycle riders are not know how to read signs, or a woman can’t drive a car asa good as man. Well, things like that. Some common generalizations. Well, I know it is everybody rights to have an opinion. I even have mine. The problem is, how come you can make that opinion. Is it just come to your mind, is it based on someones story, or it is just simply your assumption.?

For example, me. I live here in Jakarta, I have this thought of some of the people in Jakarta. I thought, those who are using Public Transport is very careful they doesn’t like to show their stuff in public, but I’m wrong, during my first year and occasionally on the next year, I used TransJakarta Bus to go to campus. And in the Bus there are a lot of people that use their gadget, not only cell phones, but I actually saw a guy just open their laptop and use it there. I thought all the motorcycle riders are ignorant, well, some are ignorant, but there are also some riders that actually ride according to the sign, and after riding a bike through my high school years and now. I knew that sometimes there are a road that a driver couldn’t see and it fits for us motorbike riders. Yeah, sometimes there are people that just ride their bike recklessly and put danger to everyone. But there are also a lot of biker that ride responsibly.

The problem is we often set our mind before we actually feel they situation. Sometimes, we don’t see others perspective. What we want to see is our perspective only, and it leads to a irresponsible judgement.  I find it okay to judge, but at least we have to try to walk on their shoes first. After we actually feel how they felt, then we can make a fair judgement. In this case, we also have to have a big heart, to accepting if our assumption is wrong in the first place. It is very simple for me, if I can make an opinion, then others can make theirs to. There will be some pro and cons. But that’s life. We couldn’t make everybody agree with us.

Again, it is may be so simple to talk about it, but in reality, how many of us want to make a judgement after we try first. We often try to judge and close our eyes about what actually happened.

Let’s try to walk on other shoes, hopefully it can make us a better judge, and give a fair opinion.

oh, by trying others shoes, don’t forget to bring your socks too. what I mean is, don’t just try it, but match it with your style. Like the opinion, people also have their own style don’t they?


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