Have It All

People said that, you can’t have it all. You have to choose, which road that you want to take, and what are you willing to sacrifice.

Well, for me I think it is fair enough. Since life is about making decisions, choosing your own path, with all the consequences. I think it is fair for us to get something and let another thing go.

For instance, if you love to working on an event, you have to sacrifice your time which maybe most of the times menas you have to skip hanging out with your friends in the weekend. Or you can choose to have a great weekend with all your loved ones, but you have to stuck into a daily monotone routine. And again, it is up to us to pick which way we want to go.

on another cases, we want to have a great quality time with our good family and friends then sometimes we have to “abandon” our jobs from the office. And vice versa. If you want to have a great career sometimes you have to put your social life to the least priority. Maybe for some lucky individual, they can have it both. But how about the rests?

Well, the rest could try to balancing their life. you can perform well in the office, give a good work and have some nice social life. But then again, there are consequences. If you choose this way, maybe you won’t get promotions as fast as your other colleague that dedicated their life to their job.

Even though there will be some regrets about what we chose, I think it is okay, we all human being aren’t we? As long as the regrets is not turning yourself into a crankiest person in the world. The regrets, sometimes can be a good lesson for us, a lesson that taught us to be more careful, to be more mature to making any future decisions in our life.

And again, everybody has their own priority in their life. what good for one may not suit others as well as it suits us.

In my own opinion I prefer to have the balance life. I prefer not to be a workaholic, and I don’t want to more awkward socially, than what I am today. It is also a challenge for me, since now I still have the mind set of a college boy that still want to play all the time. But at the same time I have to adapt as soon as possible into a working environment. It is not how the situation adapting to me, but how I adapt into a situation.

So, how about you guys? Do you want to have it all or you want to choose?


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