Channeling the anxiety

I am super anxious, I am easily distracted by a problem which makes me can not think well. Then I used to channeling it with eating. I eat when I feel anxious, I eat when I feel stressed, I eat when I feel mad. I just eat. It comforts me. a lot!

But now considering of the money I have to spent for buying foods, and due to weight problems :p. *wait, I don’t have one. I just not tall enough* I started to control my eating habit. I try not to eat when I feel anxious. I try to write. That’s why, now you may see me rambling some random things on my twitter. If i tweet something weird, silly, and unimportant. The biggest reason is that I feel frustrated or anxious.

Every people have their own way to channeling their anxiety. Some may sing it, some may take a photograph, some may doing a workout. Or maybe just stay still, doing nothing and felt anxious all the time.

Why do I write, because, I once saw a video of Raditya Dika, that he find his idea for write, either his book or stand up material from anxiety. I think, why don’t I try to do it.? Well, at least I don’t hurting anyone with my writing. *hopefully* With putting down my anxiety into a blog post, it may not make my anxiety gone. But at least I am not keeping it for myself only. I share it with people, which actually a hard thing to do for me if I have to do it orally. I have some boundaries that I like to keep between people that are not really close to me. It makes me feel like I have spill some part of unnecessary anxiety from my mind, and I can start to untangled it one by one.

While I write beside I can channeling this anxiety, at least I can practice my writing skills, along with my English. I’m sure there will be a plenty of grammar mistakes in this (and other) post(s). But at least I try to give it a try.

and yes, I still eat if I feel anxious, but now I try to control it. so for those who follow me on twitter please bear with me. this dude sometimes need a pukpuk when he tweet something absurd.

So people what do you choose to channeling your anxiety?


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