Gasoline Price?

I don’t usually talk about politics.
To be honest I don’t really get politics. And don’t have the intention to know it better.
Then, why am I writing this?
Well I am tickled to write this because I find it funny, the DPR has postponed the raise of gasoline price. While the *so called* student, give a demonstration due to the issue of that. I don’t know exactly why they postponed the raise. But, if I can make a conclusion by myself, I think, they make it by seeing the situation, that really close into a more anarchy, and vandalism act. So they decide to postponed the raise.
In my *not so humble* opinion, if that was the reason they postponed it, it was a dumb move.
Well, if they did it just because of the *so called* student act. And will raise the price later, I just find it stupid. That *so called* student can just do another vandalism so the government canceled the raise. For me, it is just like a parent that give a child what they want because the kid cried, or start acting.
So, I thought if they were really necessary to raise the gasoline price, raise it. And for us, well, we can do better than act anarchy and vandal..

Well, that is just my not so humble and sotoy opinion about this gasoline price. What’s yours?


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