What time are you?

So as we all know, that one day divided into two groups of time, Day and Night. Let’s say day is the time when the sun rise on the east, and set on the west. While night is the time when the sun aren’t shining right above us.. *Yeaa we all know that!*

So, what’s the point?

I started to think which time are you prefer? Day time or Night time? Why do I asking this?

Well, it is because a friend of mine ask in twitter, why do I have such a dark theme for my blog. He said that it makes my blog look gloomy, and my answer to that was, because I try to make it like a night. A nice night when you can just sit, relaxing, nibbling on something while you read, listening music, watching series, or even THINK! Yes, thinking. I actually can think well during night time. I just find it is so peaceful, there are not so much distraction, other than sleepiness and midnight hunger.

During the night, I can let my brain think as free as it can. The scary thing is, during the silence of the night. I can hear myself thinking. Thinking about anything, from a normal imagination, into a wild one, from a super fun dream, into a gloomiest moment.

But that is the art.

The art of listening. Something that we-at least myself-don’t during day time. sometimes, I find my thinking is was just scary, that I don’t even have a clue, how can I think like that.  But, during night time, I can think better. Maybe it is the ambient, that make us feel relax, like we find tranquility. Honestly, during night time, even I can think about something wild, I can just sit on my bed, take a deep breath and try to think straight. Which is actually applicable during day time. But like I said, I am more into a night person. At night I have no worries about what people have to do, unlike a day time, when people are more active and everything seems to be moving all the time.

Almost all my writing were done during night time. That because I need to feel relax to make my finger dancing on the keyboard. The later the night the more gloomy *or galau according to today’s teenager* my writing is.

Yeah, I am definitely a night person. I love the night where there are so little noise, where I can find myself just sit in solitude, and listen to what my head have to say.

So, what time are you?


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