An Resto

Last Saturday me and my friends decided to grab a meal at An Resto, a restaurant at Gading Batavia, Kelapa Gading. This Restaurant claimed to have an ex – Borobudur Hotel chef, and they specialized in Oxtail soup.


Well, after heard that the chef was ex Borobudur Hotel, and they served oxtail, I mean who can beat the legendary Oxtail Soup of Borobudur.? We decided to go there.

The place itself located in Kelapa Gading, Gading Batavia, Food Promenade. The situation of the restaurant is nice. It has some sofa chair and provide some magazines and toys. Well, in my opinion the atmosphere more like a hotel restaurant in a ‘Ruko’.

Let’s get to the food!

They served oxtail of course. The variations are an original oxtail soup, fried oxtail, or grill oxtail. They also served a oxtail fried rice. And I ordered a Grill Oxtail and Teh Tarik. the Grill Oxtail was served with a sweet soy sauce, and a lot of shallots and tomatoes. The meat was very tender and it just melt in my mouth. while the spices gives a nice taste, even it still a bit sweet for me. The soup that come with the Oxtail also taste great! It was nice and refreshing. I even drink it right from the bowl, because I just lost my patience using the spoon. 😛 the down side for me was, I can taste a minor charcoal taste at the meat, like it was too long on the grill. But that was a minor things. I was in love with the tenderness of the meat so I did not really mind a little charcoal taste. While the teh tarik was just standard. I think it was an instant teh tarik, but who cares. I have a tender meat and I am happy!!

Overall for this restaurant, I just can say it is one recommended place to eat, if you want to get a nice oxtail dishes with a comfortable atmosphere.




2 thoughts on “An Resto

  1. Woooowwww… Its melt in your mouth? It because “presto” buddy..hehehehe…
    Tapi itu dimanaaaaa, dimanaaaa??? Dimanaaaa?hahahahaaa
    Mau merapat kesana aaaaah…

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