work and hang out

well, I am quite active doing social works, I just feel like since I still have the time doing good deeds, why not.?

By doing this I find a lot type of people, and I try to compile it into three categories, which are:

1. the worker

this type of person is a great person to work with, they have a great capability in doing their works, but they maybe socially awkward, so they are not the type that you want to hang out with to often.

2. the clown

this type of person is a very fun person to hang out with, they are hilarious, there are always a new experiences when we interact with them.. but unfortunately, they work are not the best. but, somehow we all need this type of person, to loosen the situation, to freshen the atmosphere, and give some awkward idea when we are stuck.

3. the have it all

this type is a very fun person to hang out with, and they have the capability in doing their works. usually this type of person can handle the pressure of the works, and be fun when the times has come.


well, those are purely my silly categories. But, after all those are the people I usually found, that we all be there to do one thing, a good deed, helping people by doing social works. And of course we won’t do the worse if we want to help people. it was just, we all helping in so many different ways. So, instead of moaning, why don’t we try to do our best to helping people…



*thanks if you’re reading this. It is just any random mumbling of me.*


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