Social Life

As I mentioned in the last post, I am quite active in social works, to be more specific in my temple. To be honest, yes, I myself find that this is starting to be a routine, not just an additional activities. But, I thought, why not, I still have the times for doing good things, since now I have more free time because I don’t have anymore classes in college.

Like I said, it is starting to become a routine, it felt weird for me if I don’t stop by to the temple. Some people may be think twice to do like what I do, I mean, which teenagers want to spent their weekend by staying in the temple.

Well, me and my friends doesn’t mind it.


because yes, we have another things, but luckily, the person I work with in this social works, has turned into more than words a colleagues. They have turned into a friends.. no… a family. besides of doing social things, yes we do hang out together, sharing story with each others, be a good listener, and try to help each others.

So, if you say that if we are to focusing doing social works, we will not have a social life, then I can prove you wrong. this social works has been my social life, and I still have fun doing it, with an occasional playing moment with others. By doing this, I learned a lot! not a lesson that I will get in college, but a more valuable lesson about good things, handling people, and sharing with each others.



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