Facing Truth

have you ever find a problem that you know how to fix it, but yet you are scared to do it just because you can face the truth? Well, I kinda having that situation. I know what makes me can’t go to sleep well every night, I know how to fix it, yet I am scared to do it. I don’t know, maybe I am just to comfort with my life now, and don’t want to move forward. Or, I just simply scared to face the future?

Well, I know I have delaying some works in my life just because I am to comfort with my current situation. I realized that world will change wether I changed my view or not. The life doesn’t revovle around me for god sake. I have to adapting with the changes.

what can I do is, just keep in my shell, and watch the world evolve, or have some guts and face the truth, wether I am going to like it or not.


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