There are a lot of series, that shows a great friendship between two man. I think the term for it, is Bromance. There are a lot of bromancing in the series lately, e.g Barney-Ted-Marshall in HIMYM or Agent Ryan and Agent Esposito in Castle. in bromancing there will be a lot of supporting between each others, an advice whether is a good or a bad one, sometimes a little fight between them. Aren’t that all the point of friendship?

From all the bromancing I knew, my favorite are Joey and Chandler from the series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. For me, they are the one who start all this bromancing thingy. It’s fun to watch them joking around, and supporting each other. It’s thrilling when Chandler try to tell Joey that he slept with his GF and try to bribe Joey to forgive him by buy all the recliner, TV, etc and it all ended up by Chandler locked up in a box. It’s sad when the episode shows that Joey gonna move out to his new place. It’s sweet to see how Chandler think about Joey when Chandler is going to marrying Monica.

By watching them it reminds me how a friend should be. Not always agreeing on everything, but being a supporter, a reminder to others, so they feel okay. Because you know it is nice to see that you have somebody to watch your back!


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