The world as I see it

Lagi demen denger Jason Mraz lagi, gara – gara blognya Teppy yang ngepost lagu i won’t give up nya si jesen *ikrib* nah, klak-klik-klak-klik youtube ketemu lagu ini. enak bener apa lagunya.

The World as I See It – Jason Mraz


and it make me think.

the world as I see it?

how do I see the world?

Well, I see this world as a unique place, because there is so many things that happened in here.

Even something outside of our mind, but then it happens.

I see this world as a fun yet stressing place.  A place that we can learn a lot from anything, about anything.

I see this as a place to trained ourselves, to learn something, to discover new things. Everyday.

I see this world to learn how to be more patient, how to dealing with problems.

I see this world to share the joy, laugh till my tummy hurts, and smile to see others being happy.

I know it all may be sound so cliche, but  feel it that way.

Then, I agree with Mr. A-Z the world is a remarkable place!

So, enjoy the world guys. there is a lot of interesting things happened out there!




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