Myself In The Next 10 Years

suddenly, out of nowhere, I’m thinking about where will I be 10 years from now.

Lets start with the obvious, I will be 10 years older, which means hit the big 3-0. Maybe won’t be slimmer, but hopefully fitter.

personal life, I hope I already married by the age of 28, so I will be living 2 years marriage life by then. maybe have a year old child. living in an apartment and have a house, which will be rented. own a room of private library. already doing a year trip to Italy!

Career life, this is confusing, right now I’m imagining myself in three versions. 1, I own a restaurant, running the management thingy. 2, I own my restaurant, not only working on the management, but also work in the kitchen as the head chef. or 3, I working in the field that I currently studying, which is marketing.

me personally, prefer to do option 2, where I can cook, and use some of my marketing skills, that I studying it right now.  and hopefully I could make my restaurant as famous as Jamie Oliver’s, Gordon Ramsay’s, or Tom Collichio’s. and by 10 years from now, I already opened some branches of Andy’s Kitchen*yeah, thats the name I want to use for my restaurant* in Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya.

but if option 2 ain’t happening, I think I will work as a marketeer, but still I want to work in F&B industry. maybe 10 years from now, if I doing option 3, I will working my ass of to reach high position in a company.

I think that’s pretty much it. so lets see what will happen 10 years from now.



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